Computer Science Laboratory (LCCOMP)


The first figure displays an evolution of reversible cellular automaton with blocks. The second figure displays a cycle diagram (attractor), both in one dimensional cellular automata. The video illustrates an AND gate implementation by competing patterns in a Life-like evolution rule.


The Computer Science Laboratory (LCCOMP), located in Mexico City, focuses its interests in conventional and unconventional computing topics. Members carry out research in subjects such as non-linear phenomena, cellular automata, languages, complex systems, physical phenomena simulation, chaos, cellular neural network, artificial life, natural computing, reaction-diffusion computers, biocomputing, quantum computing, genetic algorithms, dynamical systems, networks, agents, history of computation, and social impacts of computing. Modelling abstract mechanisms for the implementation of computations, such as: particle based-collision computing, computations by competing patterns, computations on ring of strings. Exploring powerful machines as: de Bruijn diagrams, subset diagrams, and pair diagrams.


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